About The Hypnosis Clinic:
The Hypnosis Clinic is an idea that all Hypnotherapy
should be able to work with the common goal:

Guiding people that come to us to find balance
in their life, relationships, career, dream goals
and their health.

With this goal in mind the Hypnosis Clinic is a warm
inviting state of mind where those that visit us will be
received by caring gentle souls.  We are here for you
and will work together in guiding you to your gift of a
well balanced life.
Services The Hypnosis Clinic Provides:
All Clinic Hypnotists are Certified from the first U.S. nationally  
accredited hypnotherapy school: HMI.
To be seen as a client at No Fee on your
first consultation,
contact your therapist at the Tarzana -  HMI clinic.
Call today for your Free Appointment:
18607 Ventura Blvd., Suite 301 -
Tarzana, CA  91356-4158

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