Balance your Mind, Body & Soul

Hypnosis is quickly becoming "the go to" for many people who want to try an
alternative in their quest to find balance in their life.

The mind is a powerful tool and you will discover this for yourself after a few
suggestions. You will see yourself begin to change your life for the better after a
couple of sessions.  You will then better understand how Hypnosis can work for you.  
As everyone is unique, each individual is required a customized therapy session
designed to fit that individual's lifestyle and plan.

After your first Session you will develop a new understanding about yourself
and your behaviors in a way that will allow you to finally see hope.

At our clinic we follow all professional business practice and offer strict
confidentiality with courtesy:
Certified and Accredited Hypnotherapist
Certified Handwriting Analyst
American Hypnosis Association Member
Ca. Business License
Resources provided with service
Insured and Bonded
Services The Hypnosis Clinic Provides
All Hypnotherapist are currently Student Interns and
are able to see clients at the HMI Institute in Tarzana.

Call today for your complimentary 1st session:
(818) 426-1788
HMI Clinic
18607 Ventura Blvd., Suite 310
Tarzana, CA  91356